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About Chaintool

Designed for Web3 businesses, Chaintool is an all-in-one platform ensures secure user onboarding, AML- compliant crypto transactions, fraud-free fiat handling, and precision airdrops for consensus building. We also optimize user experience with our reputation scoring system.

As the team lead, my role is to guide a team consisting of 1 brand designer and 2 product designers. My mission is to foster collaboration, provide direction, and ensure the delivery of exceptional design work. Together, my team and I will shape Chaintool's brand identity, web application, and website, establishing a strong and cohesive digital presence for this innovative startup.

My Contribution

Role: Product ****Designer Consultant, Team Lead

Design Team size: Brand Designer x 1, Product designers x3, PM x1

Time on project: 12 month

Areas of ownership: Branding, Accessible Color Palette, Website design, Web app design

The Problem

Chaintool, a budding startup, approached with an ambitious vision and a talented engineering team but lacked a tangible product. The challenge at hand was to craft an entire brand identity, develop a comprehensive website, and design a web app, essentially building a digital presence and product from scratch.

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Design Pricniples

Before the project commenced, I had a kickoff meeting with Yi, the founder of the design team. Yi's impressive background included founding Chaintool, working at Ant Group Finance, Pinterest, and serving as an engineering lead over the past decades. During our conversation, we delved into his vision for the web 3 tool. Having previously worked at design-centered companies, Yi emphasized the importance of user-centered design. Together, we established three key design principles that would guide our work on Chaintool's products.

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Accessible Color Palette

Creating an inclusive color palette for our data-rich web app that caters to visual impairments and diverse devices while maintaining brand identity.